Virtual Nation Builders has an incubator program which it offers to South African start-ups in the WEB3, blockchain and fintech environment.

The Incubator Program offers education programs in the Virtual Nation Builders ecosystem of advisors and established businesses. We prepare young entrepreneurs to be business smart, readying them for future ventures.

The program certifies start-ups within their operating categories.

The Incubator Program will partner with local and global investment networks seeking equity or grants for South African start-ups.

The Virtual Nation Builders Incubator Program will offer the following all-in-one-stop services to creative entrepreneurs and early start-up innovations:

Guidance on where to start 

business plans, banking partners, business registration, domain and hosting, legal guidance, gateway partnerships, blockchain consultations, competitor analyses, roadmaps, integrational partnerships, marketing and planning, budgets, equity training and guidance, fintech regulations and more.

The Virtual Nation Builders Incubator Program also provides access to the Virtual Nation Builders Internship program. This provides an opportunity to utilize and employ from the well-educated and categorical groomed intern talent-pool.

Intern categories includes: blockchain developers, WEB3 coders, smart contract coders, smart contract auditors, graphic designers, video editors, e-commerce developers, payment integration specialists, marketing – including traditional, online- PR- social- influencers- SEO specialists, copywriters, bloggers, journalists, broadcasters, lawyers, finance, accounting, sales, services and support, security etc.